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A Belgian/Norwegian anti-religious collaboration through sarcastic blackened rock 'n roll!
Ugh the fucking world!!!!

Somber Von Plaag - Music recording, vocals, lyrics


released February 15, 2019

Code: LAST WAY CD 105
Plaag - Ugh! (Belgium)
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War Against Yourself Catania, Italy

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Track Name: Somber's Out
Hiding in the darkness
Roaming underground
An exit from the madness
No chains or ties or bounds

Been hiding here forever
And it's been way too long
Developed to perfection
I got my warpaint on


The host is finally beaten just a shell
The Plague was living in
The canvasses are empty and guess what?!

Time for resurrection
To even up the score
My first malediction
And there will be much more

Been sharpening my senses
Force fed my own soul
The time has come to surface
Pure Hellrock 'n roll!

Chorus x2

"Like a shadow that's always there
An eye constantly watching the sould
Knows every move, knows every thought
This co-existence was once so longed"

Evil alter-ego
Satan's psycho friend
Conniving in the shadow
Of the painter's head

With pride and strength and honor
We'll do as we're obliged
To mock this world disorder
With millions by our side

Chorus x2
Track Name: My Satan
I'll be the one to burn alive in fire
I'll be the one to pay for all my sins
I speak my truth and all that I desire
This is my fight and I'll undoubtly win

C'mon tell me that you never sinned
Preacher tell me you never gave in
Convinve me that you practice what you preach
Then maybe my respect will be in reach

My Satan! (This is mine) (x4)

I'll choose myself the things that I require
This is my choice I don't care what you think
Unknown by fear this plague will soon acquire
All that it needs to lift the state it's in

Pathetic codes that keep you all locked in
Satanist tell me you've never gave in
As they weakly try to change the soul
The darkness that's inside will only grow

Track Name: Save Your Prayers
Revel in the darkness
Wallow in your guilt
Get lost in the madness
Be all that you kill

Save your prayers - too damn fun to me
Your show is on, it's all over tv
Got my Jack, my coke and all my weed
Front row tickets crazy sights to see

Fucked up all the riches
Ate all you could find
Needles and syringes
favorite waste of time

Save your prayers - too damn fun to me
Your show is on, it's all over tv
Got my Jack, my coke and all my weed
Front row tickets crazy sights to see

Got no need for sadness
No heart of gold or shame
Just a careless witness
No player in your game

Save your prayers - too damn fun to me
Your show is on, it's all over tv
Got my Jack, my coke and all my weed
Front row tickets crazy sights to see

Wicked wicked - this neon carnal feast
Nasty nasty - shemales, sodomy
Evil shit that's spreading at full speed
Fuck your prayers - it's too much fun for me
Track Name: Silently Beaten to Death
Look for us in the shadows
Look for us in the dark
Look for us where you least expect it
'Cause that is where we are

A little twist of demoncracy
And everyone that's within reach
We're tightening the noose a bit stronger baby
So we choke your freedom of speech
Yeah we fuck your freedom of speech

Look for us where it's brighter
Search for us inside the light
See us pathetically shine in madness
To regain our medieval might

We took the vowel of chastity
And swore not to be tempted by flesh
We're handling it all quite well now aren't we
As we rape your children to death
Yeah we rape your children to death

Look for us where it's silent
Look for us in the snow
You can find us there where the trees still whisper
But we hope you will never show

We who rid of hypocrisy
Blasphemous 'till our last breath
Viciously claiming our liberty
While you get silently beaten to death
Yeah you get silently beaten to death...
Track Name: Carl
"Rob 'em all
Rape 'em all
Kill 'em all" (quote: Carl Panzram)

Sad little boy - Bad little boy
Deformed by mankind - Reformed in hell
No loving surrounding - Hate for the lad
Strange to his siblings - Bound to be bad
No rest for the wicked - No calm in his soul
Survival's essential - When evil's the goal
Sails bloody oceans - Akista's his net
Once you've met Carl you cannot escape
Track Name: Blessed by Fire
Not so long ago
The 17th of the 2nd month in a land of ice and snow
Where Norsemen had their hordes
The stars aligned, the moon shone bright and a viking boy was born
Then the first winds blew away, straight from Heavenshore
Hearing all these thunderstorms the world wanted more and more
Blessed with the gift of word, guided by the One-eyed one
This raging mountain warrior left his mark on us and soon moved on...


On and on
The tale goes on
Of Northern son
Blessed By Fire (x2)

As the darkness had returned
The Hammerheart shook like thunder and the Requiem was burned
Then the Octagon emerged
And with blood on ice from the Northern Skies came the
Destroyer of Worlds
With sword and strings at hand, a lonely poets chant
Through the skies it flew, like a storm it grew
and set freedom to the two Nordlands
As the Gods of Hall up High wishes great men by their side
They so proudly called, highest reward
and led by the heart you into glory ride!

Chorus x2

Fly away, as nature calls
Journey safe into the halls
...Hear your songs!

Chorus x2
Track Name: All That You See
I've looked into the shadows I saw nothing there
I tried to find the wisdom, a search led to despair
I've tried to see the fire but the fire looked away
So I went looking a bit higher, now I can't find my way

But can they see I polished all my spikes
Convinced them I'm a creature of the night
I hope they can not see I just pretend
That I'm a posing faggot in the end

He'll never be what he shows you to be
He's sucking cock, take it from me
Prefabricated image is his true sorcery
A plastic satan is all that you see

Read the blackened bible, could not understand
Explored Aleister Crowley, cannot comprehend
I just don't have it in me I'm not that decadent
But my face looks so evil it's magnificent

Can they see my armour shining bright
With sword and pins and warpaint what sight!
Can they see the leather on my legs?
That I am true black metal, nothing else?

Chorus x3

He saw nothing there
Track Name: Steelteethed
A room so damp
Sweaty air
Lots of chains
And thingies there

Shiny pins and braces in the play yard
Cut off all the small talk time to play

Tie the knot
See the frown
Two times up on one way down

The skid marks and the fire burns
The scratches on your back
Satan's oral Majesty
Here comes the next attack
Deepthroat full of blasphemy
A cumfeast full of gore
Borderline insanity
But you want more

Blowing like a thunder storm
Chewing on the pleasure zone
Clinging on to rusty jaws
The overbite of evil calls

Laces tied and hooded mask
The torture in my dreams
The vacuum of this metal dance
It's endless so it seems
Deeper - deeper don't back down
Your sloppy lips of death
Blood and cum will seal your mouth
Your fungus breath

Party with the witches tongue
Razorbladed nasty one
Meat grind that goes on and on
Flesh rips if you dare to come

Bite it hard
Lick it slow
Second turn
Here we go

Heads up for this tyranny
Fellatio full of gluttony
Cold steel that is touching me
I wish that you would always be
Track Name: Christmas Time
Jingle Bells - Fucked up Bells
Torture all the way
Oh what fun it is to die
In a one horned open sleigh

Another feeble christian spell
The perfect time to give 'em hell

Ooh it's christmas time
Presents everywhere don't care what's behind
My oh my it's christmas time
Celebrate the birth of the retarded child

Decorate - Illuminate
'Cause it's that time again
From the dead creeps to your bed
The chimney zombie man

Oh listen to their stifled cries
How can they think we buy their lies


Wasted praying - What are they saying
The answer's crystal clear
They saw us come to mock god's son
They wish we'd disappear

One wonders if they'll ever know...
Our winterhearts do well in snow

Track Name: I Hear You Weep
I saw her walk in the middle of the night
Her eyes dead cold
A welfare case a couple babies by her side
Her skin both cracked and old

With eyes bloodshot and with trembling hands
Another junkie in despair
The stench of death penetrates my soul
It seems it’s everywhere

A bum fight here and some bombings there
All the lives in pain
No more trees now it’s all concrete
This was my domain

And I don’t know how it got this far
But it seems there will be more
There’s no escape from the raging horde
Stigmatized if you close the door

Honor – Where did you go
Valour – Where do you hide
Splendour – Time to reclaim you
Homeland – I hear you weep

Walk the streets all I see is grease
There's no self control
I look for pride but there’s nothing there
I am proud but all alone

Voices shriek, rotten teeth they show
Aggression’s in the air
The fear that keeps all our children home
It's a childhood so unfair

I contemplate in this horrifying night
What have we done
The demons smile as it vanished out of sight
Our culture’s dead and gone

My heart goes out to the warriors dead
They’re turning in their graves
The wars they fought, all the battle fronts
Was it all in vain…?

Chorus x2
Track Name: Vaderland

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